Hate Speech and Hate Action

It beats one’s imagination when a government that got to power through hate speech wants to shout down the masses by claiming that calls for equity, freedom of expression, etc and calls against injustice, bad governance, nepotism etc are hate speeches. The same government seems to have forgotten so soon that no other hate speech is greater than the one which PMB made in the beginning of current administration when he stated that he will give much attention to the geographical region(s) he got 97% votes and little or no attention to the region(s) he got 5% votes.
The last statement in above paragraph is one of the world’s greatest hate speeches. The hate speech has been put into action since the inception of this administration in 2015. Federal government of Nigeria (FGN) has graduated from hate speeches to hate actions. All the  appointments of PMB have been lopsided and they were in favour of Fulani muslims. The current appointment (made in last week) in which no Igbo was among the 15 newly appointed top executives of NNPC is a hate action that can be linked to the hate speech of 97% vs. 5%. The move to arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by court action of attorney general of the federation and the granting of tacit immunity to Arewa youth that gave Igbos quit notice is hate action against Ndi Igbo. The unwillingness of FGN to arrest and prosecute Fulani herdsmen who are raping women, destroying farms and killing people in southern Nigeria and middle belt is clear hate action with intention of annihilating people in the affected regions.
FGN should remove the debris in its eyes before making effort to remove the ones in citizens’ eyes. One who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Playing double standard cannot help FGN and trying to use force to intimidate the masses will be unproductive. As one makes his bed, so he lies on it. FGN should stop hate actions and speeches against all indigenous peoples, tribes, religions, political parties, etc before calling on its citizens to do same. 
Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor


It is time for women and youth in Africa to rise and takeover leadership positions from moneybags and bad leaders who have looted us for ages and destroyed our economy. We must rise to the challenge. No time is better than now. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor has risen to lead the crusade for peaceful political revolution and liberation in Africa. We must get it right in this time. Join Obumneke in his noble quest to liberate Africa from the clutches of bad leaders and looters.

Obumneke is vying for Anambra state governorship position in November 2017. He is vying from United Progressive Party (UPP). Let us start from one state, to a region, to a nation, then to entire Africa. Irrespective of your political parties, let us support him in all aspects so that he will lead us to glory. Your support counts. Shun money politics. Vote women and youth.

Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor,
(The Liberator)
Women and Youth Mandate for Anambra State 2017 Governorship Position


We bring a message to the teeming youth of Anambra state.
We bring a message to the jobless and homeless people in Anambra state.
We bring a message to traders and businessmen in Anambra state.
We bring a message to teachers and other civil servants in Anambra state.
We bring a message to pensioners in Anambra state.
We bring a message to farmers in Anambra state.
We bring a message to industrialists and intending ones in Anambra state.
We bring a message to the entire people of Anambra state.
We bring a message of HOPE to our people.

Soon and very soon, the teeming youth of Anambra state shall be well empowered for self sustenance. Soon, many jobless people in Anambra state shall get jobs and the homeless shall get affordable houses. Soon, traders and businessmen in the state who are being taxed excessively and assaulted by taskforce agents shall see the end of these horrible acts. Soon, teachers and other civil servants in Anambra state shall rejoice because of improved welfare packages and restructuring cum computerization of education sector and civil service. Soon, pensioners shall smile to banks every month without standing in sun for verification. Soon and very soon, farming activities will be made easy with leasing of tractors in LGAs, continuous granting of loans to qualified farmers and provision of improved seedlings and fertilizers to them. Soon, industrialists in Anambra state shall rejoice and those in other states shall relocate their industries to Anambra because of good roads and constant power supply from embedded power plants. Very soon, entire people of Anambra state will feel the presence of government via local government officials who shall be elected continuously as approved by law. Soon, the elected local government officials shall bring massive development to all parts of Anambra state and our people will enjoy good governance.

The days of godfathers in Anambra state politics shall soon be over. The days of money politics, thuggery, ballot snatching and other election malpractices shall soon be over in Anambra state.
The days of good governance, accountability, industrialization and rapid infrastructural development in Anambra state are very near.
Accept this message of HOPE from Team Obumneke and see all that are stated above come to pass.

Anambra state youth, this is our time.
Join Team Obumneke now for the brightest future you can have. Do not leave your future in the hands of recycled politicians who have failed us over and over.

This message is from Team Obumneke. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor is UPP’s aspirant for Anambra state 2017 gubernatorial election. For more information, kindly logon to https://www.obumneke.com.

Please spread this good news and message of HOPE to all Anambra people, especially the youth.


The civil war in Nigeria brought out the ingenuity of Biafrans. The popular quote that necessity is the mother of invention manifested in the war. Biafra was cutoff from war supplies, food and drugs, but its research and engineering institute lived above expectations. Biafra fought for three years with armoured vehicles, arms, ammunition, fuel, airport, etc that were produced and constructed by its local engineers. The institute believed that nothing is impossible and was able to construct an airport with local materials, manpower and technology. Till date, Biafra remains the only black nation that achieved the feat. Biafra pharmacists produced drugs locally and its doctors performed major operations with insufficient and old equipments. With exception of antibiotics and food, Biafra was self sufficient during the war.

50 years after the war, it is a pity that a nation whose one of its warring sides produced its arms and ammunition and refined its fuel is importing refined fuel and war arsenal. It is a clear proof that the reintegration, reconciliation and reconstruction (3 Rs) policy of Gowon’s government was not implemented by the administration and subsequent administrations. All the science and technological inventions of Biafrans were killed by Nigeria governments’ policies. It is known that in Biafra, Africa died.

As we, celebrate Biafra Day on 30/05/2017 (Biafra @ 50), there is renewed hope that in Biafra, Africa shall rise again. The freedom of Biafra is non negotiable. We see Nigeria now as our neighbour and shall show love to Nigeria and other African nations. It will be started with restructuring of Nigeria if the dark forces that are holding Nigeria back shall give way to light. We are not against restructuring and negotiation. We shall assist in restructuring of Nigeria. We shall also negotiate with Nigeria, but the negotiation(s) shall be for peaceful secession. Nigeria will always draw Biafra backwards so the best solution for Nigeria is for the indigenous nations to go their ways and develop on their own pace. We do not wish Nigeria bad, but we cannot coexist so it is better that we divide in peace than to live in pieces.

Africa shall soon rise again. Long live the Republic of Biafra, long live Nigeria and long live Africa.