Hate Speech and Hate Action

It beats one’s imagination when a government that got to power through hate speech wants to shout down the masses by claiming that calls for equity, freedom of expression, etc and calls against injustice, bad governance, nepotism etc are hate speeches. The same government seems to have forgotten so soon that no other hate speech is greater than the one which PMB made in the beginning of current administration when he stated that he will give much attention to the geographical region(s) he got 97% votes and little or no attention to the region(s) he got 5% votes.
The last statement in above paragraph is one of the world’s greatest hate speeches. The hate speech has been put into action since the inception of this administration in 2015. Federal government of Nigeria (FGN) has graduated from hate speeches to hate actions. All the  appointments of PMB have been lopsided and they were in favour of Fulani muslims. The current appointment (made in last week) in which no Igbo was among the 15 newly appointed top executives of NNPC is a hate action that can be linked to the hate speech of 97% vs. 5%. The move to arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by court action of attorney general of the federation and the granting of tacit immunity to Arewa youth that gave Igbos quit notice is hate action against Ndi Igbo. The unwillingness of FGN to arrest and prosecute Fulani herdsmen who are raping women, destroying farms and killing people in southern Nigeria and middle belt is clear hate action with intention of annihilating people in the affected regions.
FGN should remove the debris in its eyes before making effort to remove the ones in citizens’ eyes. One who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Playing double standard cannot help FGN and trying to use force to intimidate the masses will be unproductive. As one makes his bed, so he lies on it. FGN should stop hate actions and speeches against all indigenous peoples, tribes, religions, political parties, etc before calling on its citizens to do same. 
Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor

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