You are in Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor’s home page. Feel at home as Obumneke keeps you updated with recent political events in Anambra state and beyond. Before you leave this page, kindly be informed that political and economic liberation of Anambra state, Igboland and entire black race is a job that must be done. Obumneke is out to do it with help of good people like you. Kindly ensure that you are counted in this noble job.

It will not be easy because political gladiators and some moneybags who see politics and leadership as business for personal profit making will fight against the peaceful political revolution that Obumneke is leading, but they will fail because we (you and I) have support of God and the masses. Don’t be left out in this revolution. We shall push bad leaders, moneybags and Abuja politicians out of leadership in Anambra state, Igboland, Eastern region and beyond. Fear not because we shall be victorious.

Obumneke is aspiring to be the governor of Anambra state. He is vying from United Progressive Party (UPP). Apart from leading political revolution, another major agenda of Obumneke is to industrialize Anambra state and beyond. His administration shall build embedded power plants in Onitsha, Obosi, Nkpor, Nnewi and Awka industrial layouts. The power plants shall supply constant electricity to the industrial layouts. Constant power supply shall attract more industries to Anambra state.  Erosion control is the third major agenda of Obumneke. Researches have shown that this natural disaster is sometimes triggered by activities like scooping of soil from potential sites, proliferation of boreholes for water, lack of drainage for channeling of rainwater to streams, lakes  and rivers, etc, uncontrolled use of dynamite for breaking of rocks and in demolition of buildings, etc. My administration shall work with state assemble and make laws that will control erosion. Erosion sites in Anambra state shall be declared disaster zones and major local construction companies shall be contracted to stop its expansion and the sites shall be filled.

What you have read is a tip of the iceberg. Obumneke has much positive and developmental agenda. We will know them as we navigate other pages on this site. Support the gubernatorial and leadership aspirations of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor. Help us to advertise and promote this site. When you do that, you have helped in enthronement of good leadership and in freeing Anambra state from bondage of political godfathers. God is my political godfather and He is leading me in this noble course.


A homepage section

This website is, mainly, for political activities of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor. Obumneke is, currently, aspiring for Anambra state’s governorship position and the election will be done on 18th November, 2017. He is vying under United Progressive Party (UPP) which is currently the party with the best chance to win the gubernatorial election. Let’s get to know Obumneke.
 Obumneke speaks – Anambra state has enjoyed some levels of good governance when rated with Nigeria standard, but the levels are not good enough. There are many areas where the previous and present administrations didn’t do well. The areas include accountability, even spread of dividends of democracy, budgeting, industrialization, etc. It is my ambition to become governor of the state and fix the areas where previous and present administrations did not do well so that Anambra state will not be rated by Nigeria standard rather by international standard.
I have been a leader and an administrator from childhood, thus I am, presently, well groomed to govern Anambra state. At the age of 10, I was one of the three troop leaders of a dance troop in Onitsha. In junior secondary school, I was captain of Lion Babes Football Academy, Onitsha; and in senior secondary school, I was class prefect and the first Vice President of Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETs) club of Onitsha North LGA. When I was in university, I was active in students’ unionism/leadership. In my second corporate job (in Spring Bank Limited), I was the Coordinator of Information Technology Group in two regions (Abuja region which comprised north central states and North region which comprised other states in the north). I have been elected for several religious, town union and social positions. I was elected the national Financial Secretary of NAU Alumni body in 2010. Moreover, I have been an administrator in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry for the past six years, thus I am an experienced leader and a technocrat. All my experience and those of teams of experts that I will assemble shall be used to bring political and massive industrial revolutions in Anambra state. When we actualize our dreams, other states in Nigeria and other nations in Africa will copy us and Africa will be better, thus my vision is beyond making Anambra state great.
I plead for support of the masses to make my aspiration successful. I, also, call on God to guide and guard me in this noble quest because without Him, I can do nothing. I pledge to give selfless, accountable and people-oriented leadership to my state, and to serve with fear of God.
In May, 2017 Africa World News interviewed me and I gave in-depth responses to questions from the anchor person. The interview as pasted below says more about me, my political intentions and programmes if elected the governor of Anambra state in 2017. Relax and enjoy it.
1.     Can you tell us more about background?
 Response: I was born on 12th July, 1975; named Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor and christened Cyprian by my parents, Mr Chukwudi W. Ejimnkeonye Okafor and Mrs Nneka A. Ejimnkeonye Okafor of Umuatulu Awovu village, Enugwu Ukwu, which is in Njikoka LGA, Anambra state, Nigeria.

I had a brief Nursery education (Nta Akara) in Osili village Enugwu Ukwu in 1982 and later relocated to Onitsha where I started Primary education in Patrick Okolo Memorial Primary School Onitsha in same year. I finished primary education in New Bethel Primary School Onitsha and proceeded to Onitsha High School Onitsha for Secondary Education.
From my early age (in primary and secondary schools), I dedicated my life to God. I served as Altar Knight (Mass Servant) for about a decade in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Onitsha (under the tutelage of late Monsignor Obiukwu) and in the Basilica of Most Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha (under the tutelage of late Arch Bishop Stephen Ezeanya, Monsignor Oteh who later became Bishop of Isele Ukwu Dioceses, Arch Bishop Albert Kanene Obiefuna, Rev Father John Uzuakupundu (Ofu Obi) and a host of other priests).
Football is a game I like so much, but people who didn’t know me when I was younger are not aware of it. You may not hear me discuss football, but I love the game and I was an active player for about decades. Between the age of 10 and 30, I was popularly known in Onitsha and Anambra state as Sabata or Babayaro.  I played football in streets, for my schools, for Holy Trinity Cathedral Onitsha, towns (as mercenary), old Onitsha LGA, Onitsha North LGA and Anambra state. Also, I did a double in year 2000 Nigeria University Games (NUGA) elimination in Benin where I represented NAU in 5000 meters race and football. I qualified for 5000 meters finals which was hosted by University of Zaria, but asked to be left out because of my degree exams.
I got admitted in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in 1997 and graduated with BSc. in Computer Science in 2001. After my graduation, I did NYSC in Ekiti state where I served from August 2002 to August 2003. During my service year, I met Mr. Ayo Fayose (the young governor of Ekiti state) and, on that day, took the decision to lead my state at early age when I still have strength and undiminished intelligence that are required for the job. From then onward, my interest in serving my people increased, but it was delayed by lack of fund and sponsorship. The hindrance did not last long because the incessant leadership failure in Anambra state, Eastern region, Nigeria and Africa made me to face the political gladiators with the scare resources that I have. I have what the masses have been yearning for in leadership, thus if I could convince them, they will shun money politics and support me.
I have worked in several companies and financial institutions. I was a freelance information technologist before I got my first corporate job in 2004. Currently, I am a medium scale investor, an ICT specialist, a technocrat and a servant of the people. I have served in different capacities and in different fields. I served in students’ unions, religious organizations, social clubs, town unions, national alumni body and political groups. All the selfless services that I have rendered have given me the experience to lead Anambra state and take the leadership from state to national level.
2.     What is the drive behind your aspirations to become governor?
 Response: The desire to lead a peaceful and well organised political revolution in southeast in particular and Africa in general is the major drive behind my gubernatorial aspirations. I know that it can be achieved if the masses are educated and made to know the evils of money politics. My team and I will persuade them to shun money politics and vote for candidates that convince them with their political programmes and ideologies and avoid politicians that entice them with money or gifts. Moreover, I want to start industrial revolution in Anambra state so that other states can copy it. I am positive that I can achieve it because I have a well developed plan for it. When it is done, Anambra state will depend less on federal allocations.
3.     Are you experienced enough to lead Anambra state?
Response: Yes, I am. I have corporate, religious, students’ unionism, social, political, etc leadership experience. I am an all rounder, thus I have the experience that is required to lead Anambra state. With corporate experience, it will be easy to understand civil servants and their needs. My parents are traders and I assisted them for several years when I was under their care, thus I have trading experience too. Trading experience is highly required because majority of our people are traders. For one to lead them well, one should know their worries, needs, likes and dislikes. I know them like I know English alphabets.  I have all that are required to lead Anambra state.
4.     A state which possesses richest people and aspirants in Nigeria, how will you measure up?
Response: With willpower and focus, one can achieve virtually everything. Yes, there are billionaires and political gladiators in Anambra state. I know most of them and I have been with some, but they do not scare me. I will ask for donations from the masses and the billionaires too. With donated funds, I will not be compelled to some conditions which will affect my administration and Anambra state when I become the governor. I will accept sponsor(s) with no conditions attached, but that will be very difficult, thus I will stick with asking for donations. I am already doing it. It has not been easy, but nothing good comes easy. I am positive that I shall achieve it and let other good people know that they can contest for high political positions and win without having billions in their savings.
5.     Can we know your key programmes if you are elected?
 Response: My key programs are
(i) Restructuring of education sector
(ii) Reorientation of the people and restructuring of the state
(iii) Improved and robust revenue generation that is devoid of double taxation
(iv) Taking governance closer to people by ensuring that local governments have functional elected officials whose tenure shall not be truncated throughout my tenure
(v) Industrialization of the state (arts and movie industry, tourism industry, production industry, information and communication technology (ICT)), etc
(vi) Construction of 40MW embedded power plants for Onitsha, Obosi, Nkpor, Nnewi and Awka industrial layouts respectively,
(vii)  Reduction/elimination of election malpractices in the state
(viii) Improved funding for sports, provision of  sports infrastructure and training facilities
(ix) Construction of parks and gardens for social life and beautification of the state (x) Provision of land to private developers for building of estates and hostels for the masses
(xi) Annual celebration of Anambra carnival
(xii) Granting of loans to SMEs for economic activities; farmers for agricultural cum economic activities; and provision of tractors (on lease) for local and medium scale farmers
(xiii) Job creation for our teeming youth
(xiv) Revitalization of water schemes and stopping of unauthorized drilling of boreholes for water (15-year project)
(xv) Computerization and restructuring of civil service
(xvi) Roads and railways construction (15-year project) 
(xvii) Improving security of the state
(xviii) Resuscitating the dying health sector of the state
(xix) Youth empowerment through vocational studies, training and loan scheme (xx) Provision of legal aid and freedom of expression to masses (in collaboration with NGOs)
(xxi) Ensure that Onitsha Inland Port becomes operational
(xxii) Provide online trading training to our traders and encourage rich ones to setup portals for online trading where others should subscribe
(xxiii) Sponsor bills in state assembly for abolition of harmful, dangerous and unprofitable activities, etc. You can see my summarized manifesto for details.
6.     Which political party are you vying from?
Response:  I am vying from United Progressive Party (UPP).
7.     What is your position on the renewed agitation for actualization of Biafra?
Response: It is unfortunate that the forces, which have been controlling Nigeria since 1967 do not want a restructured country where each federating state will be free from central control. This led to Nigeria civil war in which millions died. 50 years after the war, the forces still do not want to listen to reasonable voices. The renewed agitation for Biafra’s freedom is a necessity for Eastern Nigeria which wants to free itself from shackles of the forces that are suppressing Nigeria. I support it. Since we do not want to restructure, we should divide.
8.     Who is financing your campaign?
Response: I am financing myself. It has not been easy because most citizens see anybody who aspires for a political position as a moneybag. This notion has not helped black race because leadership is being traded to the highest bidder. It is my desire to stop it.
9.     How do you plan to mobilize funds to vie?
Response: There are still good rich men in our society. I have been seeking for them, but have not gotten one. I have plan B, which is “Financial Support from the Masses”. I have started talking to my friends and the groups that I know. I will seek for more groups and the masses support. Fund Raising Committee for Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor’s gubernatorial aspiration has been setup. We are about to open accounts with banks. That will be done within few days. I am begging every black man or woman all over the world to assist me financially. Anambra state 2017 gubernatorial election is a political battle for true emancipation of the black race. Gone are the days when forces in Abuja or elsewhere shall decided who will lead states and nations in Africa and use diverted government funds to get the person(s) they selected into power. We have to say “NO” to such practice. I urge you to support me financially so that I can get my party’s ticket. I have good intentions for Anambra state and the black race. God is my witness and I shall lead with the fear of God.
10.   Why should Anambra state trust you to pilot the affairs of the state?
Response: With no godfather, I rose from trainee to managerial position in information and communication technology sector. With no godfather, I have served in uncountable, political, social, religious, etc leadership positions. Without a godfather, I vied for Anambra central senatorial position in 2015, but did not get the ticket. I got to my current position with hard work and the grace of God. My records are open for public scrutiny. I have nothing to hide. I have leadership, economic, industrial, and financial experience plus the doggedness and the maturity that are needed to lead a greatly endowed state like Anambra. Anambra state and citizens of the state should trust me to pilot their affairs.
11.                        If elected, what will you celebrate in 100 days in office?
Response: If we look at the programmes that I listed in response to question number five (5), we shall see that nothing on the list can be achieved in three months, but there must be some things to celebrate without throwing parties and wasting millions. In 100 days, computerization and restructuring of civil service might have been 50% achieved and we can celebrate provision of loan, improved seedlings and fertilizer to farmers. Also we will celebrate mobilization of state electoral commission for conducting of local government election.
Thank you for your time.


This website promotes Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor’s political and other related activities. Obumneke is a technocrat, a servant of the masses and an experienced administrator. He has worked in structured and unstructured establishments, and has held many corporate, religious, social, student’s groups and political positions. Currently, he is aspiring for Anambra state’s gubernatorial position under United Progressive Party (UPP).

To know about social and other activities and of Obumneke Ejimnkeonye  Okafor, check  the  links below:


Moreover, this site shall be used to:

1. Educate the masses politically, legally and otherwise.  
2. Stir peaceful political revolution in Africa; Anambra state shall be the first beneficiary.
3. Bring industrial revolution to Anambra state and entire   Africa.
4. Enthrone Obumneke as the governor of  Anambra  state in 2018 so that the intended political  and  industrial revolutions shall be achieved.


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